History shows that Towle & Co.'s deep value investment strategy and asset composite can under-perform market benchmarks during periods of stock market disruption. Managed portfolios and individual stocks may decline in market value if the following occurs:
  • The overall stock market declines.
  • The market favors growth stocks over value stocks or favors large capitalization companies over small capitalization.
  • An adverse event, such as an unfavorable earnings report or restructuring announcement, temporarily weakens a particular company's investment profile.
  • Our judgment about the attractiveness, value and appreciation potential of a stock proves to be incorrect.

The Towle Deep Value strategy is appropriate for investors:
  • Willing to accept stock market risk and the volatility of smaller capitalization equities.
  • Possessing a minimum investment horizon of four years.
  • Seeking above average (after tax) growth of capital without the need for current income.